O anticoncepcional acaba trazendo algumas dúvidas para as mulheres, esse contraceptivo  é utilizado por mais de noventa milhões mulheres em todo o mundo, com o objetivo de evitar a indesejada gravidez. A pílula evita que ocorra a ovulação da mulher, ou seja, impede a liberação do óvulo pelos ovários.

Entre as principais dúvidas das mulheres  destaca-se o medo do ganho do peso. Será que ela realmente  engorda? Bom, segundo os médicos especialistas não há nada que comprove que isto. Uma pesquisa com mais de 132 mulheres mostrou que 70% não tiveram nenhuma alteração do seu peso.

Na  verdade vai depender muito de como o seu organismo ira reagir, há mulheres que podem sofrer algumas mudanças de peso e outras não. Muitos deles causam efeitos colaterais, provocando aumento do apetite, retenção de líquidos, entre outros, que conseqüentemente vai alterar o seu  peso, não necessariamente com todas as mulheres.

Muitas mulheres se sentem inchadas, mais não que seja realmente um aumento de peso, cada pílula há uma quantidade de hormônios, então essa também é uma questão que pode causar o ganho de peso. Muitas mulheres engordam por efeito psicológico, para se desculpar daquela má alimentação, ou do exagero.

Para evitar essas situações, a primeira coisa a fazer é procurar um médico gineciolosita, pois ele vai lhe indicar o melhor medicamento, de acordo com as suas necessidades. Procure fazer uma alimentação balanceada, sem exageros, mais se mesmo assim engordar, converse com o seu médico, ele poderá lhe indicar outro anticoncepcional.

Há relatos de mulheres que engordaram ou emagreceram, porém as criticas são mínimas, o número de mulheres que utilizam o medicamento é muito grande. Vários estudos são realizados para trazer mais informações aos pacientes. Não é indicado fazer uma automedicação, pois pode causar mais efeitos colaterais.

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Anticoncepcional engorda ou emagrece

    1. Don’t we all kinda’ drink ourselves to death a little when we watch “Twilight” movies? He was just sitting a little too close to the screen. It would appear that the strain was more than he could bear.

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    4. / A éstas alturas ya sabemos lo suficiente de los partidos que tenemos en España y lo que cada uno puede dar se sí, también sabemos (aunque los medios no hablen de ello) que hay un partido político lamado UPyD y que ¡¡mira que casualidad!! su programa es nuestro programa, porque nos habla de sentido común y de unidad para defender la igualdad.

    5. I’m hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thank you for calling and checking on me today. I’m glad things went over well although I had no doubt whatsoever that they would with you in charge. I’m sorry I never commented on Girl’s dress. I loved the pic and thought you did an awesome job on it! Talk at you soon girl.

    6. u met rahul dravid and actually got to speak to him for ten mins??did u have an intelligent conversation??i would have just gone dumb and gaped like a goldfish!!:O:Oand Good ol’ Enid Blyton- Especially ‘Malory Towers’ and ‘St.clare’s’ditto..i have read malory towers and st clares so many times that i have almost learnt those books by heart!!:):)

    7. sarbatori fericite, oriunde veti fi! ei, despre porc se pot spune multe – unii l-au taiat cu cutitul, altii de pe lista. asta-i viata! eu, care n-am neamuri la tara, am in schimb o lista lunga-lunga. din toti anii, de cand ma stiu. eh, noroc cu alimentara de la oras! sa auzim de bine!

    8. jelous ke lady? standard la tu baju designer 10k, tu pun kira murah, nnt cari la laki kaya, jgn duk jeles ngan org, silap2 ko lagi membazir dr diorg.. hal zakat tu bkn hal ko nak pertikaikan, boleh x jgn nak masuk campur org? ko ni fakir asnaf ke sibuk pertikaikan org x bg zakat kat ko?? btw maybe ko duduk ulu mana, baju kawen 10k tu kira bersederhana la kat kl ni, klu gaya org kaya baju diorg sampai 50k or lebih…Hot debate. What do you think? 5  5

    9. I am looking forward to my little brother heading home from another deployment in Afghanistan. I have not seen him in two years. Hopefully he will have some time off to come to Montana for the first time and see everything we love about it. xoxo

    10. You’re welcome Frank. I think what you say about photos is true, I find for some stuff, I have to use the tripod, I just can’t get what I want without one. I hope you do use it, though, I am terrible for being too lazy and not using it. Sometimes, well, you don’t have a choice, haha, thanks.

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    12. jesus Christ Nahid, you’re like a retarded person.“You think that you are being clowne for Pouya bc of your fascination with him,”What the hell does this even mean? Pouya, do you post ads on the Special Olympics website for your blog? Between Arash and Nahid I feel like we are at a Down’s Syndrome convention.

    13. To respond: I will be making calls about the h.s. coaching openings this week. It’s very hard to get school administrators on the phone this time of year, and nearly impossible during a holiday week. If I wanted to sweep it under the rug I would not have posted it on my blog and left it up there as the top item for two days, but I hope you amused yourself by needling me. I will be following it up this week at the Reebok Camp. My feel about Cheek: Seton Hall has no shot, Rutgers has an outside shot.

    14. Thanks to all the contributors to this site for their efforts this election. They’ve done a great job. Of course, we’re all disappointed with how this election has turned out, but it’s not the end of the world. We all love and appreciate Mitt and all he’s done. Let’s continue to support good candidates and causes in the future, and don’t let this weigh you down too long.

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    16. I had my endoscopy last week and it was horrible. I was choking the whole time. They applied an anesthetic but I don’t think it worked. I’m very nervous. I hope it’s nothing serious.

    17. Limity antické demokracie byly jeÅ¡tÄ› hlubší – demokracie se týkala pouze občanů, kterých vÅ¡ak byla výrazná menÅ¡ina ve srovnání s otroky a dalšími neplnoprávnými. Řekl bych, že v tomto se naÅ¡e současnost zase až tolik neliÅ¡ií – byÅ¥ fomálnÄ› jsou občany takÅ™ka vÅ¡ichni, moc a rozhodování je stále v rukou úzké vrstvy, která je vůči občanům v podobném postavení, jako byli antičtí občané vůči otrokům.

    18. Isidore parle plus haut de la « nécessité intérieure ». Je me demande s’il ne s’agit pas là du principal et même unique moteur de la création. Pas uniquement artistique mais aussi – et pourquoi pas – culinaire (comme le dit Vincent)…« Ou commence et ou finit l’art » demande Vincent. Quand surgit et quand s’arrête ce besoin impétueux de faire sortir quelque chose de soi-même, non ?

    19. Hey you guys….it’s mom here-Taya, remember me? I am so proud of each and everyone of you. You look great and it sounds like you are really doing a great job learning. Remember to respect your puppy raiser, just like I told you before you left home. Keep up the good work!

    20. I can understand picking Starr. School presidents are often no more than glorified fundraisers, and a big name like Starr will generate plenty of cash. But a Baptist school that claims to be educating the next generation of Baptist leaders, must have a Baptist president. (And for Starr to join a Baptist church just because it’s required by his new employer is simply despicable.)

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    27. salutations from a cynical sun… pirpee is the word verification I see below… that’s interesting too… and I agree with what you say about the young and old poets… it’s more of a spectrum the way I see it… this online forum is perfect for the younger type I think… hope these words find you well…

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    37. JeffersonDavis “I have not given up on Pres. Obama; he is fighting old, intrinsic patterns which will not die easily. He is however planting the seeds to their destruction. Take Heart!”I'm a conservative democrat (blue dog) and disagree with much of what Obama crusades for. But you are completely correct on this one. He is, indeed, fighting old intrinsic patterns which will not die easily. I respect him for that. It's one thing that (dare I say it) that he and Palin have in common.(I await the firestorm of hate from the left for that last comment)

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    70. Hi Thekla,This is Anya – we went to LW together and sat through lots of Japanese classes! I’m happy to find your blog (through the LW magazine). I’m also a stay-at-home mom of a 2 year old boy (and am finishing my PhD). I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog and hope to follow it in the future.

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    99. Andreza comentou em 17 de agosto de 2011 às 21:57. Julia, amei demais esse manual. Gostaria de ver você fazer um manual com batom colorido, como azul, verde, laranjão.. Pra mostar também que não uma coisa de outro mundo. Bj

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    102. How nice of your husband to find this for you.  I never have any luck with lip plumpers.  They just don’t seem to work for me.  I wish they would.  The color is pretty.  I love the sparkles in it.Â

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    109. Kia ora Bob, The thought of you tramping about in the Urewera with loved ones brings a smile to my face. And those friendly spirits of past McKerrow's no doubt looking on fondly and proud of the mark left on NZ by future generations. Well done, Rave on sir!Cheers,Robb

    110. Just to address some comments: I'm a dark chocolate girl, personally 80% or darker, but the white chocolate really works in this case. I think my next favorite specialty M&Ms were the Toasted coconut, which seemed to have a texture and flavor element that was more bold. I found these first at my local 99 Cents Store Chain, believe it or not- I've also seen them at Kroger stores and Target!

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